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Bump Cap
Bump Cap
  • SKU: OX591

Bump Cap

Unlike industrial helmets, bump caps are intended only to protect the wearer from static objects (e.g. walking into low ceilings or hanging obstructions). As such, impact tests are carried out similar to those required for industrial helmets but using a lower energy level. A 5kg flat striker is dropped onto the helmet from a height of 250mm, with a maximum allowable transmitted force of 15kN. Impacts are carried out on the front and rear of the helmet, with the head-form tilted at 30 and 60 to reflect the nature of any impacts likely in use. This test is carried out on several helmet samples, following pre-conditioning to high temperature, low temperature, water immersion and UV ageing. There is also the option to expand the temperature range for the pre-conditioning if claimed by the manufacturer.