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Empower A Superhero - CANSA Campaign

by Lourens Bezuidenhout on September 20, 2019

We at OXYGEN decided to aid CANSA TLC in raising funds for children fighting cancer.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - during this month CANSA TLC compiles nutrition bowls which are distributed to various centres in various districts to be handed out to children that are receiving cancer treatment at these centres.

While undergoing treatment, these children become extremely sick and can not eat or hold in the food which they consume. It is in the middle of the night when the kitchen is already closed, that some of these kids awake hungrily and in need of something to eat.

This is where these nutrition bowls or snack packs come in handy. They are able to help themselves with a nutritional snack in order to build op their strength.

With a pledge from ourselves and with some donations we received within our network, we were able to donate 214 bowls. 

Thank you to each who contributed - may we spread awareness and may we keep on supporting CANSA TLC with this battle.